IMAGE & WORD: Workshop on Storytelling


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Image & Word: Workshop on Storytelling’ was a space where contemporary and traditional storytellers came together to understand each other’s processes as well as the contexts and narratives that influence their individual works.

This workshop is the culmination of a year-long study into the visual narrative technique of traditional storytelling forms by Vidyun Sabhaney and Shohei Emura. Both the workshop and the fieldwork that led to it are made possible by support from India Foundation for the Arts ( and Ms. Rajika Puri.

At the workshop, the learning from this study was brought to other young storytellers to generate dialogue about how narrative images are created. As this workshop comes at a time when traditional visual storytelling forms are rapidly changing (or have already changed) in the face of modern entertainment, the workshop will especially focus on how they are adapting themselves to new markets and formats.

MURAL: Vidya & Child – EDMC


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Collaborative project for Vidya & Child – to develop murals for an an MCD school in Dilshad Garden, New Delhi  which is part of an experimental programme of Noida-based NGO Vidya & Child. As part of this programme, the school is trying to use the building as a learning aid. These mural, which illustrate basic academic concepts, are a part of that.

Junglee Products

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Junglee Shadow Puppets were designed as a fund-raising tool for a local NGO called The YP Foundation (

Following that we held workshops in the Sunder Nagar Nursery Basti on how to make shadow puppets with children who are part of TYPF’s Blending Spectrum Programme.

Collaborator: Shohei Emura (illustrator)